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Mailback Recycling

Mercury Recycling

Mercury is a highly toxic material and must be properly disposed of when removed from use through a fully permitted waste facility like HAZMAT. Mercury is used in electrical and electronic devices and components, thermometers, thermostats and other applications.

Mercury Waste Recycling and Recovery

Devices such as thermometers and thermostats, when intact, are generally considered universal waste.  In other forms, mercury is treated as hazardous waste and must be properly handled, transported and disposed of through a hazardous waste company trained in handling and disposing of mercury.  HAZMAT facilities are fully permitted and our staff is highly trained to properly handle mercury in a way to protect environmental and human health risks.

Mercury Devices Accepted for Recycling

HAZMAT can accept many mercury-containing devices for processing. Some of the types of mercury waste we can accept for recycling include (but are not limited to) the following types.

  • Medical Devices, Manometers and Thermometers
  • Relays and Switches (Including Thermostats)
  • Elemental Mercury Spill Kits
  • Mercury Contaminated Articles

Large Volume Mercury Device Recycling

Hazmat, Inc can accommodate scheduled large volume bulk mercury pickups on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and yearly schedules and upon request, can assist with proper packaging for transport.

To arrange for large volume mercury recycling, contact us at (855) 242-9628.

Small Volume Mercury Device Recycling

HAZMAT provides a prepaid MailBack program for smaller quantity mercury device recycling. HAZMAT MailBack recycling kits are shipped directly to your facility. HAZMAT MailBack recycling kits include everything needed to properly package your mercury devices for FedEx Ground shipment, including a pre-paid return label.

A Certificate of Recycling (COR) is included and will be available once we received and recycled your kit at one of our facilities.