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Tritium Exit Sign Recycling

Self-powered signs do not require electricity or batteries and can be used where it is hard to install electric signs, such as above doors without access to power and contain a radioactive gas called tritium. Exit signs containing tritium must be disposed of properly due to the potential for contamination of immediate area.  Contamination cleanups are extensive and expensive—handle tritium containing signs with extreme care.

What is Tritium?

Tritium is a naturally occurring radioactive form of hydrogen that is produced in the atmosphere when cosmic rays collide with air molecules. As a result, tritium is found in very small or trace amounts in groundwater throughout the world. It is also a byproduct of the production of electricity by nuclear power plants. Tritium emits a weak form of radiation, a low-energy beta particle similar to an electron. The tritium radiation does not travel very far in air and cannot penetrate the skin. 

For more information, visit the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Recycling Your Tritium Signs

Call HAZMAT at (855) 242-9628 to speak with a recycling specialist.  We will provide you with a quote on recycling your signs based on your volume and advise you on proper record keeping with the NRC and your state.  We will then send you a recycling kit with detailed instructions on packaging and shipping your signs to one of our fully permitted facilities around the country.