Westmont Emergency Spill Response Service

The Westmont, California premier contractor in emergency response including emergency logistics and finance & administration planning. Hazmat, Inc. has the manpower, equipment and technical expertise to manage any size Westmont environmental emergency over land or water.

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30+ Years Serving Westmont City Business's and Public Utilities

We provide Westmont, California business’s, institutions a quick, thorough review, which allows for a prompt, safe stabilization and remediation. When your business is evaluating emergency response companies, feel confident that Hazmat, Inc. can rapidly deploy experienced, 100% certified specialists to take on the challenges of any spill in the United States, California and in the City of Westmont.

Westmont Hazmat, Inc. project managers have the current experience working directly with federal, state and local oversight agencies in all industries. Acorn Hazmat, Inc. technicians bring with them a wide range of experience in emergency situations and the current level of training and certifications. We are is looking forward to being your trusted Westmont partner and will be with you at every step of the way to quickly resolve any emergency. We are ready to deploy anywhere across Westmont and throughout California.

Westmont Hazmat, Inc. specialists are able to complete the necessary closure documentation to obtain the determination of “No Further Action” and bring closure to a cleanup event.

Hazmat can manage emergency readiness which includes guidance on emergency management, operations, planning, logistics, and finance and administration planning. We have an extensive network of Westmont trained professionals armed with the latest spill remediation equipment that can be quickly dispatched to address any incident, including:

  • Industrial cleanups
  • Highway diesel spills
  • Tank and pipeline overflows
  • Leaking containers
  • Mercury spills
  • Biological materials
  • Ship groundings
  • Over the water transfer
  • Hydrocarbon material spills
  • Natural disasters
  • Emergency chemical lab packing
  • DEA, Homeland Security, and Customs and Border Protection incidents.
  • Fires and releases in warehouses
  • Oil Spills
  • Excavation of buried drums
  • Abandoned waste cleanup

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Westmont Rapid Response, Containment and Remediation

Varying by the response, emergency spills can typically be contained within the first few hours, with reduced remediation in the proceeding 48 hours. Hazmat, Inc. works in cooperation with all California, Acorn and federal guidelines (EPA, OSHA, USCG, etc.) when performing response and remediation. Waste for off-site disposal is packaged and prepared for shipment to a waste treatment and disposal facility.

Westmont Emergency Readiness

Hazmat, Inc’s Emergency Response experts will provide guidance on emergency management, operations, planning, logistics and more. Our Standby Emergency Response Coverage ensures that your agency has the necessary coverage and deployment in the event of an environmental emergency.

WestmontEmergency Operations Center

Hazmat, Inc. operates an Emergency Response Facility where qualified response operators area available to help you 24/7. Call: (855) 242-9628

Westmont Disaster and Emergency Services

Westmont Retail Disaster Recovery Services

Hazmat, Inc. provides safe, experienced environmental and waste management solutions to thousands of commercial, retail and industrial locations across the country. With proven technicians, extensive equipment inventory and broad capabilities, we manage the environmental requirements of commercial, retail and industrial managers, allowing you to focus on the bottom line.

For immediate service call (855) 242-9628

Westmont Disaster Services

  • Flood water mobile treatment
  • Debris removal and disposal
  • Hazardous waste collection, chemical identification and hazardous disposal
  • Vacuum truck services, including emergency pump-outs and emergency spill cleanups
  • Rolloff container rentals and transport
  • Westmont Collection and recycling of damaged goods, such as food waste, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and California controlled substances.

Westmont Oil Spill Environmental Response

Recognized with more than 30 years of experience in oil spill response, Hazmat, Inc. has the resources and experience to respond to any size oil spill on land or water―everywhere across California and the City of Westmont.

Regardless of the scope, oil spills disrupt operations and has an impact on the environment and human health. Our Team are specialists at quickly controlling and remediating spills so that you can commence normal operations.

Westmont Expertise & Resources

Hazmat, Inc. handles all kinds of spills from normal over-the-road oil spills to large-scale incidents including ship groundings, pipeline ruptures, well blowouts, tanker truck rollovers and facility spills in California.

Westmont Chemical and Hazardous Material Accident Emergency Response

From smaller spills to large property decontaminations, Hazmat, Inc. has the technicians, equipment & supplies and the technical proficiency to take action on all scope and sizes of hazardous material and chemical spills and disposal.

While facilities should focus on preventing spillage of chemical and hazardous materials, accidents do happen. When these occur, you need them handled rapidly, safely and professionally. Contact Hazmat, Inc. 24/7 at (855) 242-9236. We manage releases of all types and sizes, including:

  • Flammables, corrosives, oxidizers, toxics, poisons
  • Liquid, solids, semi-solids, gases
  • Solvents, acids, bases (caustics), reactive material
  • Metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, etc.)

Westmont Hazmat Inc. Services

Our professional, 40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER trained and certified technicians can manage all aspects of hazardous material and chemical materials remediation.

  • Rapid response and containment
  • Recovery and remediation
  • Chemical Repacking and removal
  • Containment maintenance
  • Decontamination and restoration
  • Transport, treatment and disposal
  • Short and long-term California remediation
  • Containment management

Westmont Emergency Pump-outs

Having a large California team of operators and a wide variety of equipment, we provide a rapid and efficient Emergency Pump-Outs of sumps, pits, manholes, tanks and vessels of any size and scope.

Speedy response and qualified materials management are essential to emergency pump-outs. We handle pump-outs of products at various temperatures, pressures and consistencies, including hazardous and non-hazardous materials in liquid, semi-solid and solid forms.

Westmont Valued Resource Recovery

Hazmat recognises that certain waste materials represent value if recovered, we can recover spilled material, reprocess it and provide new life for some reclaimable products.

Additional benefits of Hazmat, Inc’s Emergency Pump-Outs include:

  • 24/7 response
  • On-site tank transfer and temporary storage
  • Experience with various products, temperatures, pressures and consistencies
  • Level C through Level A response
  • Exhaustive resources and equipment
  • Experienced management

Westmont Emergency Waste Management

With our vast network of employees, specialty vehicles and disposal facilities, Hazmat, Inc. will professionally handle nearly any critical hazardous disposal situation.

When you operate an industrial property, random situations can create unwanted downtime and costs. Hazmat, Inc. are waste collection and disposal experts and we have dedicated staff and critical equipment to provide professional emergency waste disposal for a wide variety of incidents.

Hazmat Inc. provides recycling, treatment, incineration or landfill disposal of emergency waste, depending on your site needs. Hazmat, Inc. is capable of disposing of various types of emergency waste, including:

  • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • Drum and bulk waste
  • Liquids, solids, semi-solids, sludge and gases

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