Wildomar Vacuum Truck Services

Hazmat’s Wildomar fleet of vacuum trucks can pump out liquid, sludge and solids on site according to all Wildomar, California and Federal environmental regulations.

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Most Trusted Vacuum Truck Services in Wildomar and Throughout California

Hazmat, Inc understands that your business can suffer when your property is not properly serviced. Our vacuum trucks have the ability of pumping out liquid, sludge and solids at your property, while ensuring proper removal of the waste through our industry leading service.

Our team of highly trained staff will pick-up and dispose of your liquids, solids, oily water or sludge from nearly everywhere including oil/water separators, clarifiers, sumps, trenches, pits, floor drains, and below ground waste tanks. Hazmat’s fleet of vacuum trucks and experience staf can provide your Wildomar business with both scheduled and emergency, state-of-the-art vacuum services.

Many of Hazmat’s client’s choose to have regularly-scheduled service to avoid unscheduled and emergency service for those unexpected events. Hazmat’s maintenance services may save your business money in the long run and ensure regulatory compliance. Hazmat supports several Wildomar industrial clients and reclaims hundreds of thousands of gallons of wastewater every year and treats 100,000 GPD from our Wastewater Treatment facilities.

Our Wildomar Vac Truck Services Include

  • Bilge Water Pumping and Disposal
  • Industrial Sludge Removal
  • Oil Water Separator Service
  • Drain, Sump, Pit and Trench Clean-out
  • Environmental Oily Run-off Collection
  • Spill Response
  • Grit/Sand Trap Service
  • Holding Tank Pumping / Clean-out
  • Pumping of Underground Waste Tanks
  • Disposal of Processed Water
  • Sewer Drains
  • Stormwater Runoff and Overflow
  • Drain and Cache Basins
  • Sludge Disposal
  • Non-hazardous Liquid Disposal
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Oily Water Disposal

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