Yorba Linda Hazardous Waste Management Services

Hazmat, Inc. owns and operates fully permitted treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDF) in California, Texas and Missouri and accepts 500 RCRA and over 100 non-RCRA waste codes, universal wastes, e-waste and recyclables.

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U.S. Customs & Border Protection/ U.S. Department of Justice/ U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs/ U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency/ Stanford University/ and 100's more...

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Providing the city of [city] with experienced managed hazardous waste solutions.

Hazmat, Inc. has more than 30 years of experience in hazardous waste management and emergency response services and provides a wide range of recycling, treatment and disposal options for all hazardous and regulated waste streams (RCRA and Non-RCRA). We handle hazardous and non-hazardous waste liquids, solids, and sludge. Our specialty service department includes chemists, industrial hygienists, engineers and geologists that can provide regulatory guidance and help you choose the best practices for the management of your waste.

We work and partners with the City of Yorba Linda Environmental and Hazardous Waste department managers for Emergency Chemical Spill Response & Cleanup, Hazardous Waste Disposal and Property Cleanup & Remediation.

We also work with Yorba Linda local business’s Environmental Health and Safety sManager’s to develop environmentally sustainability scopes for all hazardous/non-hazardous, electronic and universal wastes.

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We've been in business for over 30 years and its because of the hard work and loyalty of our workforce. When you partner with us, you'll receive the absolutely best service the industry has to offer.

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