[Nationwide] Biohazard Cleanup & Disinfection Services

Hazmat, Inc. remediates your Yucaipa facility back to a usable state by removing all potentially harmful biohazards and pathogens from affected areas. Hazmat, Inc. will provide professional support for local Yucaipa law enforcement to maintain a 24/7, 365 emergency response to all incidents.

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U.S. Customs & Border Protection/ U.S. Department of Justice/ U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs/ U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency/ Stanford University/ and 100's more...

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The Yucaipa Police Departments Most Reliable Biohazard Response, Cleanup and Remediation Specialists

Hazmat, Inc. provides licensed and certified biohazard remediation specialist for the City of Ca. Our technocians are armed with the appropriate equipment and training to ensure biohazard waste and pathogens are properly eraticated from the affected area or crime scene and eliminate the after cleanup hazards of health, safety concerns and damage.

Hazmat, Inc. deploys biohazard containment services to all Yucaipa law enforcement agencies and business including:

Biohazard Disinfection

The dangers of contact to bloodborne pathogens (BBP) such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV or MRSA is immensely increased in areas where there is blood and biohazard materials present. To reduce the hazards of contact to Hazmat’s employees, customers, employees and law enforcement, Hazmat, Inc. follows the OSHA standards regarding bloodborne pathogens

Hazmat’s removal procedures eliminates the return of odors or bacterial colonies that could influence bacterial outbreaks, further risking the health and safety of the property occupants and damage to property. Hazmat's after-cleanup testing provides scientific proof and verification of the elimination of any remnants of biohazard pathogens and bloodborne pathogen.

Hazmat, Inc. guarantees customer satisfaction with our biohazard containment, cleaning, and disinfection of potentially dangerous pathogens such as blood, bodily fluids in affected areas after a death, accident or communicable disease outbreak.

Biohazard Eratication

Professional and safe removal of the affected site is required to ensure the site is reverted to safe living conditions and there are no additional dangers of harm post cleanup. We uses a trusted method to guarantee the safe and quick elimination of all biohazard materials and pathogens.

  • Proper review of contaminated property
  • Control barriers setup
  • Properly and safely remove all visible signs of blood and biological material
  • Clean and disinfect so there are no visible materials and odors present
  • Test affected areas with specialize equipment to confirm no detection of biohazard materials are present

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