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Cannabis Waste Management

For over 30 years, Hazmat, Inc. (HAZMAT) has serviced the needs of Pharmaceutical and Hospital industries with turn-key management of medicines, controlled substance and regulatory advocacy on behalf of our valued customers. Hazmat also works with laboratories, government agencies and vested stakeholders to advance Sustainable management of HEMP derivatives. Hazmat has abilities to destroy large amounts of HEMP related paraphilia.

As local jurisdictions are approving cannabis operators, such as cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and testing labs, knowing how to safety handle cannabis specific waste can be just as confusing as the requirements of building and running your operation.  Hazmat, Inc. is a full service hazardous waste management company that has the experience to keep you in compliance with city, state and federal regulations.  

For questions regarding Cannabis waste, please call our friendly Cannabis Advocate at: (855) 242-9628

Cannabis Waste Certified Destruction & Disposal Services

Whether you are a seasoned operator or just starting out, Hazmat, Inc. can prepare a sustainable and regulatory compliant cannabis waste management plan specific to your operation needs. To maintain strict regulatory compliance, cannabis products are encouraged to be rendered unusable and unrecognizable utilizing ESG focused practices.  And, any materials meeting the characteristics of ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, or toxicity are considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly.  Waste streams for cannabis operators may include flammable alcohol solvents used for extraction or cleaning and any flammable solids, such as rags or other disposable materials containing flammable solvents. Any aqueous corrosives from Testing Labs must be disposed properly as hazardous waste. Some of the services we provide our operator customers may include the following:

  • Preparation of a comprehensive Waste Management Plan (WMP).
  • DOT-approved containers for non-hazardous waste accumulation.
  • Waste stream identification, characterization, and profiling.
  • Hazardous waste collection via licensed and trained technicians.
  • Wastewater collection, transportation, treatment and disposal.
  • Recycling or destruction of universal waste streams such as batteries, including lithium-ion from disposable vape pens, lightbulbs including high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, Butane cylinders, grow liquids, solar panels, aerosol cans, fertilizers, pesticide containers and consumer commodities.
  • Hazardous waste transport to TSDF.
  • Manifest documentation requirements for cradle-to-grave tracking.
  • Certificate of Destruction (COD).
  • Onsite destruction of packaged product.
  • BCC-mandated destruction for non-compliant product.
  • Certified Product Destruction performed at our state of the art TSDF utilizing a series of high torque shredders, centrifuge, grinders, rotor force press, magnetic separation and mechanical processes. Our proprietary process leaves thousands of products unrecognizable and in a homogenized state for downstream separation of resources. Aged, surplus or discarded Tobacco, CBD, THC, Vape pens, edibles, flower, concentrates liquids, appliances, laboratory equipment and more can be Sustainably managed.
  • Licensed and tracked transportation to final stop, such as landfill, recycling and waste-to-energy facility.

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