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Certified Product Destruction

Hazmat, Inc. is your one-stop solution for certified product destruction. We offer video documentation, recycling of raw materials, and a host of transportation, de-packaging, and disposal options to accommodate our customer’s needs.

We make every effort to recycle the raw materials of items destroyed in a safe and economic manner. Hazmat, Inc. is capable of all current destruction processes, not limited to shredding, crushing, and manual destruction.

ITAR Compliant Destruction Services

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is the US Federal regulation that controls the manufacture, sale, and distribution of defense and space-related articles and services as defined in the United States Munitions List (USML). In addition to weapons and military hardware, the list also restricts the plans, diagrams, photos, and other documentation used to build ITAR-controlled military gear (known as “technical data”). 

Any company that handles, manufactures, designs, sells, or distributes items on the USML must be ITAR compliant. The State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) manages the list of companies who can deal in USML goods and services, and it is up to each company to establish policies to comply with ITAR regulations.

The 21 categories of Defense Articles in the USML:

  • Firearms, Close Assault Weapons and Combat Shotguns
  • Guns and Armament
  • Ammunition/Ordnance
  • Launch Vehicles, Guided Missiles, Ballistic Missiles, Rockets, Torpedoes, Bombs and Mines
  • Explosives and Energetic Materials, Propellants, Incendiary Agents and Their Constituents
  • Surface Vessels of War and Special Naval Equipment
  • Ground Vehicles
  • Aircraft and Related Articles
  • Military Training Equipment and Training
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Military Electronics
  • Fire Control, Laser, Imaging and Guidance Equipment
  • Materials and Miscellaneous Articles
  • Toxicological Agents, Including Chemical Agents, Biological Agents and Associated Equipment
  • Spacecraft and Related Articles
  • Nuclear Weapons Related Articles
  • Classified Articles, Technical Data and Defense Services Not Otherwise Enumerated
  • Directed Energy Weapons
  • Gas Turbine Engines and Associated Equipment
  • Submersible Vessels and Related Articles
  • Articles, Technical Data and Defense Services Not Otherwise Enumerated