Nationwide Emergency Response:
Environmental, Social and Governance


Commitment, Policy and Governance

We are committed to delivering the highest-quality environmental management in our operations, and to ensuring compliance with all environmental regulations. Our commitment to the environment is outlined in our Corporate Environmental Policy. All Hazmat employees are expected to understand, promote, and assist in the implementation of this policy.

Through our environmental program, we continually assess and seek to minimize the environmental impact of our facilities and products, for the benefit of our customers, employees, neighbors and communities. Our commitment extends beyond expected compliance with environmental laws; it includes the incorporation of sound environmental practices into our business decision-making processes. Our environmental commitment also extends to the work we do. Minimizing the environmental impact through Terracycling, Sustainable Recycling and Waste to Energy Production.

Management Approach

Evaluation of environmental risks and opportunities are evaluated on a quarterly basis. Environmental concerns are integrated into the Company’s decision-making processes, including the evaluation of new investments and mergers and acquisitions. We also perform audits of our operations’ environmental compliance and performance through our Internal Audit team and our Hazmat way assessments, which target a review of every Hazmat facility every two to three years.

We Understand the Environment

Hazmat has dedicated its existence to solving difficult problems in the environment. See a challenge, solve the challenge. Our history is not only found in our practices but all of competitors and customers that operate around us. We developed the requirements and laws regarding oil filter recycling that began in California and is now Nationwide. We are permit #1 in California for appliance recycling just as the Ozone layer became a household word in our Nation. Currently we have developed technology to return fresh water to the environment; we have developed maritime projects that can take idling ships at port and take them to cold iron compliance eliminating most of the pollutants that are clouding the shores of our Nations ports.

Hazmat is ITAR compliant and able to shred military components, metal and plastic applications to the requirements of the International Traffic in Arms Regulation and have done so for the Department of Defense and Defense contractors.

We are active with most FEMA prime contractors and deploy when and wherever needed as First Responders. We are onsite for major wildfires throughout the West, onsite for hurricanes in the South and stand ready for any natural disaster. Our highly trained response teams respond to toxic train derailments, leaky ocean going vessels, Ebola, SARS, COVID Biological hot zones, and Mercury spills throughout the United States.

We employ chemists, industrial hygienists, geologists, specialists in numerous disciplines, special operators, technicians, and hazmat drivers that are well trained, well paid, and well prepared for the task at hand.

Products, Solutions & Innovations

Our treatment, recycling and repurposing of industrial waste and byproducts help accelerate the circular economy, preserve natural resources and reduce carbon emissions. For example, our Environmental division’s core business is focused on helping our nations steel and aluminum customers manage their environmental challenges and meet their environmental goals.

Hazmat environmental solutions currently help our customers:

  • Increase the recycled content in steel and aluminum production
  • Reduce or eliminate material sent to landfill
  • Reduce carbon emissions from the production process
  • Reduce dust emissions, improve air quality, and use less water
  • Return millions of gallons of clean water back into the ecosystem

We estimate the recycling activities and value-added products of Hazmat’s Environmental division in 2020 contributed to the avoidance of over a million metric tons of carbon emissions. This benefit can be passed-on to our customers and helps contribute to a lower-carbon, circular economy.