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Cannabis Waste Solutions

Hazmat, Inc. has a team of environmental consultants dedicated to aiding companies in developing corporate standard procedures to assure compliance with all local & state environmental laws. Some of these steps include; creating a disposal plan, assuring that hazardous waste is disposed of in accordance with state and federal law, health and safety training and certifications for employees handling hazardous waste, proper containers and labels, and strategic planning for the containment of clean-up of spill emergencies.

Hazmat’s waste management service will ensure that your cannabis by-product is compliantly managed. All waste removed from your site will be thoroughly documented, requiring signatures from both facility management and Hazmat, Inc. transport technicians. Waste is tracked and traced from the point of generation to its final resting place. Hazmat, Inc. will provide the operator with a copy of the manifest as a receipt of waste disposal and confirmation waste has been properly disposed.

Hazmat, Inc. works to keep our customers and the interested public informed with the latest environmental codes and regulations through our web newsletter. The legalization of cannabis and cannabis by products has led to the creation and regulation of new waste streams. Hazmat, Inc. is excited to develop our new program, designed to provide our cannabis industry customers with exceptional services and tools to keep their business compliant with the law.

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