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Utility Waste Solutions

Planning for the future, by cleaning up today
HAZMAT’s manpower and equipment, along with our expertise, allow us to provide highly responsive environmental services to the community. We understand the unique demands of the utilities industry and we have modified our environmental and waste management services to those needs. From precise tasks like hazardous waste disposal and confined-space industrial cleaning, to emergency response, equipment failures, plant fires, product issues and disaster recovery, our mission is to eliminate your liability, reduce costs and help you maintain your competitive advantage.

HAZMAT performs a broad array of onsite services to ensure the safety and peak performance of electrical equipment, transformers and the physical plant itself. We also manage associated waste. Our experts handle the disposal and recycling of items such as waste oil, lamps, bulbs and batteries.

There are many different types of energy plants out there. No matter what type of plant you operate, HAZMAT is here to help you maintain your facility waste management plan and production schedule. With our highly trained team, we put a plan together to reduce the time that your plant needs to be down while cleaning up the waste.

We serve a broad range of Utilities entities, including:

  • Electric, gas and water
  • Investor, municipal and cooperatively-owned utilities
  • Natural gas transmission and distribution companies
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Geothermal Operations and Drill Sites