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Eliminating 1000’s of Pounds of Carbon Through Continuous Education and Action

Hazmat, Inc works with the leadership and departments of publicly traded and private companies to provide continuous education on utilizing MailBack recycling programs to meet company wide ESG goals and eliminate recoverable waste from entering back into our nations landfills.

Mailback Recycling Became the Most Efficient Way to Reduce the Carbon Footprint in an Office Building Beginning in 2019

How many packages does your business accept per day, per week, per year? Its not just about the cardboard boxes you are recycling… it’s about the opportunity to turn those hundreds of delivered packages into a constant route to and from your locations and repurpose the carbon fuel they already used for sustainable recycling.

Hazmat has pioneered this process to take waste generated in every office building packaged up, shipped back to our facilities and recycled without the need for more effort than taking a delivery box and handing one back to be shipping company.

Utilizing existing transportation methods to efficiently manage hundreds of discarded materials will immediately eliminate 1,000’s of pounds of unforeseen carbon from entering the environment.

Now electronics, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, ink toner, aerosol cans and many more discarded items can be Sustainably recovered for their inherit value.

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