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Biohazards & Sharps Disposal

Hazmat, Inc. handles the biohazard waste management requirements of dozens of hospitals across the nation. Whether you need training for hospital staff in proper waste management practices or a trusted partner to make complex waste problems routine, give Hazmat, Inc. a call.

Importance of Proper Sharps Waste Disposal

Sharps waste includes any biohazard material that can puncture skin and is contaminated with bodily fluids. Proper disposal is critical for the safety of healthcare workers and the public. According to OSHA estimates, 5.6 million healthcare workers handling medical equipment such as needles, syringes, and scalpels are at risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens from sharps-related injuries. Therefore, it is crucial for medical clinics, practices, surgery centers, and other businesses that generate contaminated needles and syringes to dispose of medical sharps waste correctly.

Key Benefits of Partnering with Hazmat, Inc.

  • Comprehensive Training: We provide training for hospital staff on proper waste management practices.
  • Reliable Service: Hazmat, Inc. offers reliable and routine solutions for complex waste problems.
  • Safety Compliance: Ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations and minimizing the risk of sharps-related injuries.
  • Nationwide Coverage: We serve numerous hospitals across the nation, providing consistent and high-quality service.

How Hazmat, Inc. Can Help

  1. Training Programs:
    • Tailored training sessions for healthcare staff on biohazard waste management.
    • Ongoing education to keep up with regulatory changes.
  2. Waste Disposal Solutions:
    • Safe and compliant disposal of sharps and other biohazard waste.
    • Regular pickups and on-demand services.
  3. Consulting Services:
    • Expert advice on waste management strategies.
    • Support in creating waste management protocols.
  4. Compliance Assistance:
    • Ensuring adherence to OSHA and other regulatory requirements.
    • Regular audits and assessments to maintain high safety standards.

Partner with Hazmat, Inc. for all your biohazard waste management needs, and ensure the safety and compliance of your healthcare facility.