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Mixed Waste Scrap Metal Disposal

Scrap Metal Definition Revision

On August 23, 2021, the DTSC sent out a notice with the following headline:

Department of Toxic Substances Control Reference Number: R-2021-08E

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Department of Toxic Substances Control (“DTSC”) proposes to adopt emergency regulations to amend title 22, California Code of Regulations, division 4.5, sections 66260.10, 66261.6, and 66273.9. DTSC proposes to clarify the definition of scrap metal found in sections 66260.10 and 66273.9 by aligning it with the federal definition of scrap metal while also removing duplicative language in the current State definition of scrap metal. DTSC also proposes to amend section 66261.6 to clarify the conditions under which scrap metal may be exempted, as a “recyclable material,” from regulatory requirements of hazardous waste.

Read the entire notice here

Mixed Waste Scrap Metal Disposal

Hazmat, Inc operates several permitted facilities throughout California to receive scrap metal containing hazardous waste and waste considered by the California DTSC to contain have the potential to cause harm to substances that could pollute the environment or have harmful effects on humans, particularly children.

If you have mixed waste scrap metal, please call (855) 242-9628 to schedule a pickup or dropoff. 

Accepting California Waste Codes

Hazmat, Inc. accepts mixed-waste scrap metal with the following California Waste Codes.

133Aqueous solution with 10% or more total organic residues
134Aqueous solution with
135Unspecified aqueous solution
141Off-specification, aged, or surplus inorganics
151Asbestos-containing waste
162Other spent catalyst
171Metal sludge (see 121)
172Metal dust (see 121) and machining waste
181Other inorganic solid waste
411Alum and gypsum sludge
421Lime sludge
431Phosphate sludge
441Sulfur sludge
451Degreasing sludge
461Paint sludge
471Paper sludge/pulp
491Unspecified sludge waste
211Halogenated solvents (chloroform, methyl chloride, perchloroethylene, etc.)
213Hydrocarbon solvents (benzene, hexane, Stoddard, etc.)
214Unspecified solvent mixture
221Waste oil and mixed oil
222Oil/water separation sludge
223Unspecified oil-containing waste
231Pesticide rinse water
232Pesticides and other waste associated with pesticide production
241Tank bottom waste
252Other still bottom waste
261Polychlorinated biphenyls and material containing PCBs
271Organic monomer waste (includes unreacted resins)
272Polymeric resin waste
291Latex waste
311Pharmaceutical waste
321Sewage sludge
322Biological waste other than sewage sludge
331Off-specification, aged, or surplus organics
342Organic liquids with metals (see 121)
343Unspecified organic liquid mixture
352Other organic solids
511Empty pesticide containers 30 gallons or more
512Other empty containers 30 gallons or more
513Empty containers less than 30 gallons
521Drilling mud
531Chemical toilet waste
541Photo chemicals / photo processing waste
551Laboratory waste chemicals
561Detergent and soap
571Fly ash, bottom ash, and retort ash
581Gas scrubber waste
591Baghouse waste
611Contaminated soil from site clean-ups
612Household waste
613Auto shredder waste
614Treated wood waste